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"Add on" itineraries
If you are like the average tour operator, you have certain itineraries that include the major tourist attractions. Everybody has them. But why not spice it up with adding a day or two to include trips to surrounding villages? To create such add on itineraries, a large variety of information is needed to assure a safe, but unforgettable filled experience. We specialize in creating such itineraries, and they are available to our tour operator members. For more information on this subject, click here.

Access to Group-Friendly Hotels at unbeatable rates
If you are in need of group-friendly hotels, don't look any further. All hotels we work with have been meticulously researched and scouted out by our "secret" guests, making sure they adhere to the highest standards in regards to cleanliness, friendliness of staff, efficiency, eco-friendliness, location convenience, bus parking, and competitive pricing. And the prices we negotiated for you (for 15 or more rooms) are among the lowest in the business not because we cut corners, but because of the volume of business we bring. Plus the fact that our business model is not based on commissions, so you also save this part of a usual expense. And you certainly have one free room for each 15 paid rooms.

VIP greetings in Group-Friendly Restaurants
And the same is true for the restaurants we include in our itineraries. Each restaurant has been visited by one of our "secret scouts", posing as a guest, and only those that have bus parking available or close by and can easily serve 50 people or more, are being accepted as members. A restaurant management representative will greet your group upon arrival, and a free meal for the tour director and driver are also offered.

Grievances Resolution
And if you ever encounter a problem that could not be resolved to your satisfaction, simply fill out this form and inform us of your grievances.

Reservation Process
To make reservations in hotels or restaurants listed in our itineraries or mentioned on our site, simply contact them directly and let them know that you are a member of the American Tour Association. They will ask you for your membership number. And once you give it to them, voila, the hotels will honor the group rates we negotiated with them (available from us to tour operator members upon request), and the restaurants will provide you with free meals for the tour director and driver, plus other potential perks.

Additional Services
Or, if you like things more conveniently, we can make the necessary reservations for you. Simply use this form and we will get to work, free of charge, commission free to both you and the hotels and restaurants. As an additional service to our tour operator members, we will also reserve requested tourist-attraction venues for you. Als commission free to you as well as the tourist-attraction place.


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7800 more group-friendly hotels available. Contact us for a quote.

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