"Behind the scenes"

Online, you will find itineraries with the names and addresses of group-friendly member hotels, restaurants and suggested tourist attraction places. Please feel free to use those anytime you need to.

However, as a tour operator member, you may request up to three more detailed itineraries free of charge per year that include:

• Transportation logistics
• Determine driving times and distances between destinations
• Identify rest stops and facilities that can accommodate large groups
• Research parking options at each destination
• Admission fees for tourist attractions and landmarks.
• Accessibility information for disabled passengers, such as wheelchair ramps and accessible restrooms.
• Operating hours for tourist attractions and landmarks.
• Availability, cost and contact information of local tour guides.
• Information about local customs and traditions.
• Local Bus charter providers (in case your group arrives by plane and you need transportation)
• Safety and security concerns for the tour's destination.
• Group discounts and package deals for tourist attractions and landmarks (just give them your membership number)
• Details about local events and festivals that might coincide with the tour dates.
• Availability and cost of local entertainment options, such as theaters and music venues.
• Local shopping destinations and opportunities for souvenirs.
• Availability and cost of medical facilities and emergency services.
• Information about local wildlife and nature reserves.
• Driving regulations and laws in the tour's destination.
• Availability and cost of travel insurance options for the tour group.

For each additional itinerary there is a charge of $ 25, unless you reserved at least 20 rooms in one of the hotels mentioned in one of the free itineraries and visited at least one restaurant with at least 40 people. In that case, the next three itineraries are also free of charge. Same going forward.

And just in case you need an itinerary to a destination you cannot find on our website, no problem! Just send us a short note, and we will create one for you - anywhere in the world!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!