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Creating Unique and Comprehensive Itineraries for U.S based tour operators and the traveling public to destinations all over the world. What started 35 years ago as a humble magazine called "group tour digestresulted to date in the creation of over 9000 detailed itineraries for for U.S based tour operators as well as independent travelers.

We contribute our success to having included into our itineraries from the very beginning many hidden gems that have been, and largely still are, undiscovered by the mass tourism industry.

1. Our scouts continuously visit smaller towns, remote villages and indigenous communities to learn about their customs and traditions.

2. Exploring lesser-known natural wonders, such as hidden waterfalls, secluded beaches, or remote hiking trails.

3. Touring abandoned historical sites, like forgotten ghost towns or ruins.

4. Participating in local festivals and events that are not typically advertised to tourists.

5. Add-on tour suggestions to hidden gems on many main destinations.

6. We love to share customer experiences in tourist-friendly hotels and restaurants, many which go out of their way to make their guests feel welcome and appreciated.

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Ethical Tourism: Supporting  Communities Through Local Art and Craftsmanship.
We really love the "hidden gems" our scouts discover on an almost daily basis, many of which are located in communities overlooked by the big tour companies. These off-the-beaten-path adventures offer a unique and meaningful experience for tourists.

Visitors to off the beaten path communities, which at times includes underserved communities as well, can experience a unique and authentic cultural exchange by observing and engaging with the local artists who create baked goods, jewelry, glassware, and other crafts.

By supporting these artisans through the possible purchase of their work, tourists contribute to the sustainability of the community's economy and the preservation of its artistic heritage. This mutually beneficial interaction allows for a meaningful and memorable travel experience that goes way beyond mere sightseeing.

Unprecedented Assistance for Tour Operators and Organizers:
If you are a tour operator or tour organizer and are not a member yet, join us Today. As a member you have unprecedented assistance every step of the way to plan and conduct your new and exciting adventure. And we not only provide this information for free, we even customize itineraries upon request.

In addition we maintain a reservation service for group friendly hotels, restaurants and charter buses, with group rates that cannot be beat, since we are not accepting commissions. The prices we get, you get.

Supplier Opportunities: Joining Our Network for Group Travel Industry:
And just in case you are a supplier to the group-travel industry, perhaps a museum, a private zoo, a restaurant that can handle groups, or a group-friendly hotel, join us.

However, even though we specialize in supporting group tour operators, literally thousands of individual travelers have been using our resources to plan their vacations as well, which means you don't have to be running a luxurious resort to gain new clients. Our members are looking for a wide range of accommodations to suit their clients' needs, and that includes even a quaint bed and breakfast with only a couple of rooms.

Please allow me also to mention that we just very recently joined the online community in earnest, converting our by now almost historic "Group Tour Digest" into thousands of online pages, tailor made to hopefully satisfy all your travel needs.

Acknowledgments and Appreciation to Our Partners in Travel Industry: Special thanks to John Cletheroe for his generosity and to the Mexican Department of Tourism - Lic Monica Ruiz and Lic Rolando Garcia, for their endless efforts (for which we lobbied for years) in having secured a law to permit American buses to enter Mexico - and vice versa. We would also extend our gratitude to GPT4 and it's developers as well as Bard an it's developers, which were instrumental in updating our existing files and help create new ones. We would also like to thank the many YouTube content creators for allowing the embedding of their files. Last but not least we would like to thank our member hotels, restaurants and other suppliers to the tourism industry for treating each and every guest with the friendliness and respect the guests deserve.

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