• PresidentManfred Wallner
  • Itinerary DevelopmentJames Courtway
  • Art Department – Anthony Acosta
  • Kenya Representative – Pauline M. Githara
  • Spain Representative – Cesar Sanchez
  • Greece Representative – Marilena Psarianou
  • Translation – Patricia Hagen

If you are a supplier to the tourism industry and you wish to address tour organizers about your hotel, restaurant, charter bus company or tourist attractions – now you have the unique opportunity to register your company with the American Tour Association!

“Group Tour Planner USA”, first published in paperback in 1988 as “Group Tour Digest”, renamed to Group Tour Planner and taken online in 1994, is a unique internet resource that compiles vital information about tourist destinations in the United States, with emphasis on the group travel market.

If you would like information about your services to be accessible to group tour organizers, many of whom are using our site as a research tool to plan itineraries for new destinations, join us today!

Acknowledgements: Special thanks to John Cletheroe for his generosity and to the Mexican Department of Tourism – Lic Monica Ruiz and Lic Rolando Garcia, for their endless efforts in securing a law to permit American buses to enter Mexico